Vintage Leather Bar Tape

Classic leather bar tape in traditional colours and perforations.

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Alloy Bar Plugs

Stylish alloy screw in bar plugs with genuine leather symbol engraving

Rubber Grip Ring Pair Large

Finish your leather handlebar grips off neatly with rubber grip rings
Suits applications diameter 28mm to 34mm

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Product Description

Leather Handlebar Tape DiPell Vintage Kit

Classic leather bar tape in traditional colours and perforations. Designed with sports functionality in mind, so you can continue on in the most demanding of conditions. It’s also really durable because of the natural leather fiber structure, they will outlast other tapes like synthetic tape.  Locks in place and won’t move because of an interlocking taper system, the edges won’t fray or lift with use.  Each piece is seamless with no joins, so there are no weak points.

Like we have been doing for 50 years, our factory continues to craft leather in Melbourne Australia.  We source our materials locally where possible and donate our sundry leather to local charities and schools. We are proud that all our bar tape is Made in Australia.

Key Advantages:

Our bar tape is one seamless piece and has no joins, so we select our hides for their longer length and because we want to minimize waste
Made from leathers that disperse sweat and water while maintaining grip in all conditions
Like the Competition series, the Vintage series is also lightweight, so it doesn’t add any extra weight over other tapes like synthetic bar tape
Like only nature can accomplish, the fiber structure of leather makes our handlebar tape extremely durable.  Synthetic tape can’t match the feel, grip and strength of leather
Wrapped using our dual taper system which interlocks, change grip and freely slide your hands without lifting edges
The interlocking taper system also stops the bar tape from moving or migrating even with the most vigorous of use.
Luxurious feel of leather, you won’t want to wear gloves!
Bar tape that is easy to wrap and strong enough to pull tightly around curves without the risk of breaking.

Additional Information


Black, Brown, Tan, Blue, Red

2 strips of seamless lightweight competition grade, Vintage leather handlebar tape (minimum 1900mm long)
2 lightweight plastic handlebar end plugs
2 strips of leather brake lever bracket tape
2 strips of adhesive finishing tape