Alloy Bar Plugs & Rubber Grip Rings Set for Handlebars

$ 30.00

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Finish off your bar tape neatly with a pair of grip rings and alloy bar plugs.
Bar Plugs – Made from light weight aluminium alloy, satin black in colour with genuine leather symbol, minimum inner tube diameter 18mm
Grip Rings – Each ring has the DiPell logo and the Genuine leather symbol so you can choose which to display by rotating to desired look.
Made from long lasting silicone rubber for easy application.
Small – 16mm wide and suitable for diameters up to 34mm
Large – 22mm wide and suitable for diameters up to 40mm
Grip Ring Sizing –¬†consider your handlebar tubing size + 4mm grip tape allowance + brake cables if applicable.

Grip Ring Size

Large, Small

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