Applying handlebar tape

DiPell leather handlebar tape achieves its superior smooth finish by incorporating a dual taper interlocking system. One taper is long and thin and the other is short and curled.  Before wrapping, inspect the underside of the tape and identify the adhesive strip, the long thin taper and short curled taper.

IMPORTANT: Read the instructions carefully before wrapping for best results.

1. Make sure the drop bar is free from dust and oil and brake cables are taped securely into place before wrapping (see image directly below).

NOTE: DiPell leather bar tape can be wrapped over gel padding if desired.

2. Lift the rubber brake lever hoods and apply the provided lever tape pieces to cover the brake lever brackets before wrapping. Cut to size where required.  (see image directly below).

3. With the short curled taper facing away from the bar end, stick the end of the tape to the bottom of the bar end, leaving approximately 8 to 10mm overhanging (see image directly below).

4. Wrap the tape around the bar once, leaving the same overhang all the way around. The wrapping direction should ALWAYS be towards the bike frame (clockwise on left handlebar and counter clockwise on the right handlebar). See images directly below for assistance.


5. Proceed to wrap the tape with the short curled taper always wrapping over the long thin taper (see image directly below).

6. When you reach the brake lever, proceed to cover the brake lever tape on both sides and continue wrapping in the same direction until you reach the end (see image directly below).

7. Continue wrapping slightly past the end and with a pen, mark around the bar where the tape should finish (see image directly below).

8. Peel the tape back a few wraps and cut the tape along the marked line, creating a straight line (please see image directly below).

9. Re-wrap the tape leaving a straight edge (see image directly below).

10. Wrap the plastic finishing tape (towards the rider) over the end of the leather tape to hold it down (see image directly below).


11. At the handlebar ends, push the overhang regions inside the bar end and apply the DiPell end plugs (see image directly below).


12. Repeat the above procedure for the other side of the handlebar.

We hope you enjoy our product!
The DiPell team